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Extreme Accuracy
New era of speech recognition experience with groundbreaking AI technology.

Why Soniox?

We have released groundbreaking speech recognition AI, achieving extreme levels of accuracy and unlocking new possibilities in human-machine interaction.

Soniox’s speech recognition AI consistently outperforms OpenAI, Google, and other providers by large margins, making it a game-changer for voice and speech applications.

Soniox is the only provider to offer bilingual solutions that can recognize both the native and English language with one AI model.

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Mobile Apps

Try it out

Download the Soniox mobile app and try out the new speech AI experience:

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Designed for developers

Ship more quickly with powerful and easy-to-use APIs

Save engineering time with a unified audio functionality in a single platform. Intuitive and simple APIs that enable you to transcribe, store, search and understand audio.

Soniox Console is a web application that brings together everything from API keys, API logs, resource management, billing, and much more.

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Transcribe files

Upload files and get back highly accurate transcripts within seconds to minutes.

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Transcribe streams

Transcribe live streams with the highest accuracy and sub 200ms latency.

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Separate speakers

Recognize and identify speakers and get back a speaker tagged transcript.

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Store and search

Store, index, retrieve and search over your audio and transcript data.

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Robust infrastructure

Reliable and scalable cloud service

We built the entire cloud service infrastructure from scratch to support processing of massive volumes of audio with large AI models.

Soniox cloud service auto scales to the real-time load and gracefully handles peaks during the day and on busy days.

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Ready to get started?

Explore Soniox Docs or create an account and start building your audio AI application. You can also contact us to design a custom package for your business.

Always know what you pay

Pay only for what you use. Integrated per-usage pricing with no hidden fees.

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Get up and running with Soniox in as little as 5 minutes.

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