About Soniox

Soniox mission is to deeply understand audio and make it universally accessible and useful.

Soniox was founded in 2020 with the mission to deeply understand audio and make it universally accessible and useful. In 2021, Soniox gave birth to the world’s first unsupervised learning system for speech recognition, lifting the limitations that used to throttle speech system performance. Shortly after, Soniox launched its Speech AI platform, where each line of code was written from scratch: from proprietary artificial neural networks, to distributed audio processing to real-time inference engine. In June 2022, Soniox released Speaker AI, setting a new bar for recognizing speakers robustly in real-world environments. Today Soniox Speech and Speaker AI are world-leading in accuracy, latency and scalability.

Yet this is only the beginning. To achieve our mission to deeply understand audio, we are now working on language expansion and spoken language understanding, where research is still in its infancy and where Soniox is leading the way to revolutionize conversational intelligence in all facets of our lives.

Founding Team

Klemen Simonic

Klemen Simonic

Founder, CEO

Klemen brings 12+ years of diverse industry and academic experience in AI from his work at Facebook, Google, Stanford University and the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Since his undergraduate years, Klemen has been solving a variety of AI problems including natural language understanding, knowledge graph/text mining, and low-level optimizations.

As one of the founding members of Facebook’s speech team, Klemen was instrumental in developing Facebook’s speech systems which are being used by 100+ million users. The speech technologies Klemen built there include voice activity detection, language identification and automatic speech recognition systems.

In 2020, Klemen founded Soniox with the mission to deeply understand audio and make it universally accessible.

Klemen Simonic

Ambroz Bizjak

Co-founder, Chief Architect

Ambroz met Klemen at the University of Ljubjana in Slovenia during his undergraduate studies in mathematics and computer science. Ambroz has a deep passion and exceptional talent for finding beautiful solutions to extremely difficult problems across the entire software stack from assembly to frontend Javascript code.

After finishing his studies, Ambroz worked at Cosylab for 8 years, where he developed the core software for control systems for particle accelerators, fusion reactors and cancer therapy systems that are used all around the world. Ambroz has been called the best programmer in the world by the engineers and scientists working on these projects.

In 2020, Ambroz joined Soniox to revolutionize the core AI learning algorithms for speech and language technologies.