Soniox mission

Soniox's mission is to develop advanced AI that can deeply understand the world around us and help humans elevate society to new heights.

Soniox, initially focused on speech AI, introduced the world's first unsupervised learning approach for speech recognition in 2021. This innovation was essential to overcome the limitations that previously hindered speech system performance. Soniox's speech recognition AI achieves the highest level of accuracy in the industry for the major eight languages.

In 2023, Soniox started transitioning from speech AI to general AI, leveraging its unique expertise in unsupervised learning and deep understanding of building accurate, reliable and efficient AI technology. In January 2024, Soniox released Soniox 7B, a state-of-the-art 7B large language model designed to set new benchmarks in the industry.

Founding team

Klemen Simonic

Klemen Simonic

Founder, CEO

Klemen brings 12+ years of diverse industry and academic experience in AI from his work at Facebook, Google, Stanford University and the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Since his undergraduate years, Klemen has been solving a variety of AI problems including natural language understanding, knowledge graph/text mining, and low-level optimizations.

As one of the founding members of Facebook’s speech team, Klemen was instrumental in developing Facebook’s speech systems which are being used by 100+ million users. The speech technologies Klemen built there include voice activity detection, language identification and automatic speech recognition systems.

Klemen Simonic

Ambroz Bizjak

Co-founder, Chief Architect

Ambroz met Klemen at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia during his undergraduate studies in mathematics and computer science. Ambroz has a deep passion and exceptional talent for finding beautiful solutions to extremely difficult problems across the entire software stack from assembly to frontend Javascript code.

After finishing his studies, Ambroz worked at Cosylab for 8 years, where he developed the core software for control systems for particle accelerators, fusion reactors and cancer therapy systems that are used all around the world. Engineers and scientists involved in these high-impact projects have lauded Ambroz as one of the world's most exceptional programmers.