World's best solution at a price that scales with your product.

Intelligent Pricing

For Multi-Streams and Multi-Channel Files
  • We charge only for a single stream/channel for the total duration of the stream/file.
  • For additional streams/channels, we only charge when voice activities are detected, plus a nominal base stream fee.
  • We do not charge for silent audio in additional streams/channels.
  • Unique to Soniox based on proprietary technology.
  • Reduces your costs by 10x for multi-streams/channels.
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Free Speech Recognition

  • 5 hours / month of FREE speech recognition.
  • Transcribe any call or meeting with Soniox mobile app.
  • Transcribe live audio from your computer.
  • Transcribe files from your local storage.
  • API keys to access Soniox API.
  • Developer resources and support.


Soniox offers world's best accuracy at competitive price that scales with your product requirements. Please reach out to our sales team with more information about your needs:


We also offer on-prem deployment of Soniox speech AI system. Soniox on-prem gives you complete control over your data and processing. Use the speech engine only when you need it and pay for only what you transcribe.


We also support power efficient and accurate on-device deployment of Soniox speech AI system. With Soniox on-device, the entire processing takes place on the device which makes it completely private and secure.

Subscription Plans

To transcribe more than the free 5 hours in any given month, you can buy one of the available Soniox subscription plans.


$0.00 / Month
  • 5 hours included
  • No additional free minutes.


$89.99 / Month
  • 100 hours included
  • $0.03 / additional minute

The subscription comes with a base price which includes a certain amount of hours of speech recognition for each month. For any additional speech recognition, the user is charged on a per minute basis.

Unused usage from the previous month does not roll-over to the next month. Each speech recognition session is rounded up to the nearest increment of 5 seconds.

The subscription can be canceled at any time.

Why Soniox?

Speech recognition is about correctly recognizing words. Recognition accuracy is by far the most important factor to consider when chosing a speech-to-text AI solution. With an accurate speech-to-text AI, instead of errors, correctly recognized words are passed to your downstream application.

Soniox is the most accurate speech-to-text AI in the history and is at least 25% more accurate than other speech vendors. Put it differently, every 4th word that is misrecognized by other speech vendors, Soniox recognizes correctly. To get the best analytics, language understanding and product experience, you should use Soniox.