Free Speech Recognition

Soniox offers 5 hours per month of free speech recognition to every Soniox user. You can use the free hours by signing in to Soniox Cloud where you can transcribe live audio from your microphone or transcribe files from your local storage. You also get your own API keys, which enable you to transcribe audio through Soniox APIs.

Soniox also offers unlimited amout of free speech recognition of up to 30 seconds per session with Soniox Web Speech. With a few lines of Javascript code, you can integrate live speech recognition into your website or web application for free. With embedded voice recognition, you can build new kinds of voice-based interactions on the web.

  • 5 hours / month of FREE speech recognition.
  • Transcribe live audio from your microphone.
  • Transcribe files from your local storage.
  • API keys to access Soniox API.
  • Developer resources and support.
  • UNLIMITED amount of speech recognition with up to 30 seconds per session with Soniox Web Speech.

User Subscriptions

To transcribe more than the free 5 hours in any given month, you can buy one of the available Soniox subscription plans.

Free Speech

$0.00 / Month
  • 5 hours included
  • No additional free minutes.

Premium Speech

$89.99 / Month
  • 100 hours included
  • $0.03 / additional minute

The subscription comes with a base price which includes a certain amount of hours of speech recognition for each month. For any additional speech recognition, the user is charged on a per minute basis.

Unused usage from the previous month does not roll-over to the next month. Each speech recognition session is rounded up to the nearest increment of 5 seconds.

The subscription can be canceled at any time.

Contact Sales

For large volume of speech recognition, reach out to our sales team with more information about your needs: