Why Soniox?

Domain Agnostic

Domain Agnostic

Soniox recognizes specific words from most domains of human knowledge.

Accent Agnostic

Accent Agnostic

Soniox recognizes speakers with with heavy accents from most countries.

Conversational Speech

Conversational Speech

Soniox recognizes conversations with multiple speakers in cross-talk.

Noisy Environments

Noisy Environments

Soniox recognizes speech in environments with strong background noise.


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Soniox Cloud Web App

Transcribe your audio library and share transcripts with your friends and family.

Soniox Cloud Web App
Soniox Mobile App

Take Soniox with you and transcribe live events and meetings.


Simple Integration

No more difficult speech integration. Focus on building your application.

Simple and generic gRPC API that can be used from virtually any programming language.

Easy-to-use Python client for batch, real-time and low-latency speech recognition.

Provided solutions for most common speech recognition use cases.

1. Install Soniox Python package
pip3 install soniox
2. Create Soniox Account

Create a Soniox Account to obtain an API key. The API key gives you free access to Soniox speech recognition.

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3. Try It Out
from soniox.transcribe_live import transcribe_microphone
from soniox.speech_service import Client, set_api_key


def main():
    with Client() as client:
        print("Transcribing from your microphone ...")
        for result in transcribe_microphone(client):
            print(" ".join(w.text for w in result.words))

if __name__ == "__main__":

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