Transcribe Speech + Recognize Speakers
From Files or Real-time Streams

Simple API that can be used from any programming language.


def main():
    with Client() as client:
        capture = FileOrStreamCaptureDevice(...)
        for result in transcribe_capture(
            capture, client, enable_streaming_speaker_diarization=True
        print(" ".join(f"{w.text}/{w.speaker}" for w in result.words)

First True Live Captioning

  • Instant accurate recognition of spoken words
  • Best caption rendering experience
  • No sudden pauses and bursts

Any Domain

  • Recognizes domain-specific terms across the board
  • Medical, Government, Technology, Sports, Gaming, Legal, Travel, Finance, Education, Science, Retail and more


Performs robustly with

  • Cross-talk, interruptions
  • Office chatters, background music
  • Constructions, traffic, airplanes
  • Phone ringing, dog barking, baby crying

Any Channel

  • Live audio/video streams
  • Telephony
  • In-person or hybrid meetings
  • Audio/video files

Any Accent

Indian, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, British, Australian, New Zealand, South African and more

Speaker AI

  • Auto-detects who said what with 96% accuracy
  • 5x more accurate than leading providers
  • Real-time & low-latency
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Amber, could you kick us off with a product update please?
Sure. Search is still on track to launch next week. Recommendations will be delayed for 1 week.
What is causing the delay?

Scalability & Reliability

  • High availability with 99.99% uptime
  • No single point of failure
  • Any number of concurrent streams
  • Secure and completely private deployments
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Intelligent Pricing

For Multi-Streams and Multi-Channel Files

  • No charge for silent participants
  • Pay for only one stream + voice activity on other streams
  • Cut your costs by 10x
  • Unique to Soniox
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