Software Engineer

Job and Responsibilities

Soniox runs in the cloud, on-prem, on-device and on the web. We are looking for experienced software developers to further expand our deployments, integrations and functionality. Depending on your area of expertise, you will help us with:

  • Data processing pipelines (C++, Python)
  • Service/inference infrastructure:
    • Cloud deployment (C++, Python)
    • On-prem deployment (C++, Python)
    • On-device deployment (C++, Python, Native)
  • Applications:
    • Backend (Django, Python)
    • Web/Mobile frontend (HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Native)
  • Integration and support with key customers
  • Integration into online collaboration platforms

We expect from a candidate to be able to independently deliver quality code and after the onboarding period take the ownership of one of the topics listed above.

Qualifications and skills

  • At least 3 years of software development experience
  • Deep knowledge in at least one of the following technologies: C++, Python, Web technologies or native platforms