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October 25, 2023 by Soniox Team

Italian Speech Recognition AI

We are unveiling a cutting-edge bilingual AI model proficient in discerning both Italian and English with unparalleled accuracy.

While we aim to be concise in this announcement, it should not understate the groundbreaking capabilities of our Italian speech AI. To contextualize its prowess with figures: Soniox beats OpenAI, Google, and Azure by a remarkable 48% higher accuracy. In practical terms, Soniox rectifies over 48% of the words misinterpreted by these AI platforms. This evolution promises transformative implications for applications leveraging Italian speech input.

Furthermore, our solution isn't just limited to Italian; it's a bilingual marvel capable of discerning both Italian and English within the same audio clip. To the best of our understanding, no other providers can claim dual-language recognition simultaneously, especially with such precision. More info in our comprehensive benchmark analysis.

Also check out how bilingual AI performs in action in this demonstration video.