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October 18, 2023 by Soniox Team

French Speech Recognition AI

We are thrilled to introduce a pioneering AI technology capable of recognizing both French and English speech with unparalleled precision.

Recognizing French speech in diverse settings presents a unique challenge. The existence of various French accents, such as Canadian French, only adds layers of intricacy. More so, many settings often see a blend of French and English, demanding an AI that can distinguish and understand both languages simultaneously.

We are proud to unveil a bilingual speech recognition AI tailored for French and English, setting a new industry standard. Soniox surpasses giants like OpenAI, Google, and Azure with a staggering 40% increase in accuracy. This means it corrects over 40% of the errors made by these established AI engines. What sets Soniox apart further is its unmatched capability to recognize speech in bilingual scenarios where French and English seamlessly intertwine. Dive into a comprehensive benchmark analysis.

Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of our AI in this demonstration video.

While the nuances of speech recognition accuracy might seem technical, it's crucial to remember its significance. Accuracy forms the bridge between the audible world we experience and the digital realm interpreted by machines. Extreme accuracy remains the cornerstone for developing trustworthy voice and speech applications.