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September 19, 2023 by Soniox Team

Korean Speech Recognition AI

We have introduced game-changing Soniox Korean speech recognition AI, capable of recognizing both Korean and English speech with extreme precision.

As far as we know, this marks the first instance of a Korean speech recognition AI achieving such high accuracy. Moreover, it seamlessly interprets English speech, even when mixed with Korean. This is game-changing AI technology for Koreans, offering new possibilities for voice and speech applications.

For comparison with other providers, please see our benchmarks. In a nutshell, Soniox beats BigTech and other startups with 52%+ higher accuracy, establishing Soniox in a league of its own.

View the demonstration of Soniox Korean speech recognition AI in action.

We firmly believe that this represents a pivotal moment for Korean voice and speech applications.

Try it out for yourself at Soniox Playground.