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May 22, 2023 by Soniox Team

Release of Soniox 2.0: Transcribe, store, search, analyze and understand audio on one platform

Palo Alto, California May 22, 2023 - Soniox Inc released an audio AI infrastructure that enables developers and businesses to transcribe, store, search and understand audio on one platform These are the core building blocks for any audio/voice/speech application. Soniox’s new platform dramatically simplifies integration and development of audio applications and opens doors to building new AI based audio experiences.

Developing a great audio/voice/speech application has been notoriously a challenging task, because it requires many different components to work seamlessly together. Debugging and improving such applications is also painful because any of the components can malfunction and the end experience is just not great.

Another challenge is that transcribing audio is often not enough to extract value from its content. One of the key missing pieces is the ability to quickly explore and analyze audio content in various ways to gain insights that lead to actual value creation (e.g. what did my customers talk about in the last week).

An important step in this direction would be to provide an audio AI infrastructure, where developers or businesses can easily do many things with a few API calls that are all seamlessly integrated within one platform to build audio applications.

Soniox’s new platform with Soniox Speech Recognition AI, Speaker Recognition AI, Storage and Search, Speech Analytics and Speech Understanding products address these points effectively. With just one API call, you can transcribe, store and index audio as your application requires. Then you can immediately retrieve and search over your data in numerous ways. With Soniox Speech Analytics, you can gain quick insights into what your audio data is about and extract value from its content. It computes key topics, contextual information around these topics, and provides transcript examples of such occurrences.

This new functionality is available through Soniox APIs to use immediately. In addition, Soniox also developed Soniox Console, a web application that is tightly coupled with the Soniox APIs, where within a few clicks you can do powerful things with audio, including transcribe, search, playback, analyze and understand audio. Soniox’s new platform is a powerhouse for developers and businesses building audio/voice/speech applications.