Soniox Solution

Remote Collaboration

Real-time Meeting Transcription

  • Highest accuracy
  • Lowest latency
  • Multi-speaker transcription
  • Search and play back key moments

Unrivaled Accuracy

In any:

  • Function: sales, recruiting, product management, customer success and more
  • Location: noisy home office, conference rooms, cafes, airports, train stations, cars, construction sites and more
  • Accent: Indian, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, British, South African and more
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Speaker AI

Speaker Diarization

  • Auto-detects who said what with 96% accuracy
  • 5x more accurate than leading providers

Speaker Identification

  • Identifies speakers based on voice profiles

Real-time & Low-latency

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Amber, could you kick us off with a product update please?
Sure. Search is still on track to launch next week. Recommendations will be delayed for 1 week.
What is causing the delay?

First True Live Captioning

  • Instant accurate recognition of spoken words
  • Best caption rendering experience
  • No sudden pauses and bursts

Historical Meetings

  • Transcribe historical meetings with speaker tags
  • Search over meetings by their content, topics, speakers and more
  • Play back the meeting with interactive transcription
  • All audio/video files supported

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