Soniox Solution

Medical Transcription

Foundation for Medical Documentation

  • Optimized for medical domain
  • Multi-speaker transcription with doctor and patient tags
  • Highly customizable
  • Medical conversation and dictation models

Medical Domain Model

  • Top accuracy for medical transcriptions
  • Optimized for recognition of symptoms, treatments, diseases, medications and anatomical parts
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Medical Conversations

  • Auto-detects speech by doctor and patient at 96% accuracy
  • 5x more accurate than leading providers
  • 100% passive and ambient


  • Recognizes dictated notes spoken by medical professional
  • Formats the notes according to the voice commands
  • Runs in the cloud or on-device for complete privacy
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Custom Vocabulary

  • No need for expensive data labeling or model retraining
  • Quickly expand recognition to additional medical terms in minutes
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Confidence Score

  • Proprietary algorithm for estimating confidence scores that accurately reflects the likelihood of the words being correctly recognized
  • Distributed across the entire range from 0 to 1

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