Soniox Solution

Medical Transcription

Foundation for Medical Documentation

  • Top accuracy in the medical domain
  • Multi-speaker transcription with doctor and patient tags
  • Medical conversation and dictation models

Unrivaled Accuracy

  • Accurate recognition of symptoms, treatments, diseases, medications and anatomical parts
  • Expand recognition to additional medical terms in minutes. No need for expensive data labeling or model retraining

Speaker AI

Speaker Diarization

  • Detects who said what with 96% accuracy
  • 5x more accurate than leading providers

Speaker Identification

  • Identifies speakers based on voice profiles

Real-time & Low-latency

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Dr. Spiegel
Dr. Spiegel
Your blood test shows an elevated white blood cell level indicating you are having an infection.
Patient Brooke Hart
Patient Baldwin
Oh ok.
Dr. Spiegel
Dr. Spiegel
Not to worry. We will prescribe you an antibiotic medication called Keflex.
Patient Brooke Hart
Patient Baldwin
Great! Thank you doctor.

Any Location & Channel

  • In-office visits
  • Tele-health
  • Video-health
  • Mobile-health

Medical Conversations

  • 100% passive and ambient
  • Providers can simply talk to their patients as usual. No dictation necessary. Soniox will pick up softly or unclearly spoken words

Medical Dictations

  • Recognizes dictated notes spoken by medical professional
  • Formats the notes according to the voice commands
  • Runs in the cloud or on-device for complete privacy

Noise and Accent Agnostic

Works robustly with any:

  • Noise: office chatters, background music, traffic, constructions
  • Accent: Indian, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, British, South African and more
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