Soniox Solution

Conversational Intelligence

Build with the World’s Best Speech AI

  • Real-time Insights
  • Revenue Intelligence
  • Contact Center Intelligence
  • Recruiting Intelligence

Real-Time Insights

  • Live call transcription with speaker tags
  • Monitor for compliance, script adherence, empathy and more
  • Provide real-time guidance

Revenue Intelligence

  • Understand which products are most important to your customers
  • Search for audio by products, pitches, competitor mentions, pricing mentions, feature requests, security concerns and more
  • Analyze by deal, customer, sales rep and more
  • Access audio and transcript from a single source of truth

Contact Center Intelligence

  • Identify top topics and issues customers are interested in
  • Search for customer calls by concerns, solutions, cancellation requests, upsell pitches and more
  • Pinpoint and listen to key moments from your customer

Recruiting Intelligence

  • Search for audio by its content
  • Get interview questions, answers and more
  • Analyze by interviewer, candidate, topic and more
  • Pinpoint and play back key moments with interactive transcription of the interview

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