Soniox Solution

Contact Centers

Leading AI Solution for Telephony

  • Any sample rate, noise, domain or accent
  • Multi-speaker transcription with customer and agent tags
  • Search by issue, agent, customer and more
  • Play back key moments

Top Accuracy in Telephony

  • Any sample rate, bandwidth or audio quality
  • Instant recognition of spoken words
  • All audio/video files supported
Agent Smith
Agent Smith
How may I help you today?
Customer Patel
Customer Patel
My internet is down.
Agent Smith
Agent Smith
Sorry to hear that. I will help you with it.
Customer Patel
Customer Patel
Great, thank you.

Speaker AI

Speaker Diarization

  • Detects who said what with 96% accuracy
  • 5x more accurate than leading providers

Speaker Identification

  • Identifies speakers based on voice profiles

Real-time & Low-latency

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Search & Playback

  • Search for audio by its content: agent, customer, issues, solutions, cancellation requests and more
  • Listen to key moments with interactive transcription of the call

Noise, Accent and Domain Agnostic

Works robustly with any:

  • Noise: frustrated customer interrupting agent, background chatters, phone ringing, traffic, constructions, music, dog barking, baby crying and more
  • Accent: Spanish, German, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, British, South African and more
  • Domain: telecom, travel, government, retail, medical, software and more
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