Speech Analytics

Explore, analyze and understand audio

Soniox Speech Analytics enables you to gain quick insights into what your audio data is about. It computes key topics, contextual information around these topics, and provides transcript examples of such occurrences. All of this information is displayed in one interactive visual tool for quick and easy exploration of the audio content.

Understand your audio

Transcribing a large collection of audio is often not enough to extract value from its content. The key missing piece is the ability to quickly explore and analyze audio content in various ways to gain insights that lead to actual value creation.

Soniox Speech Analytics enables you to do just that and more. It targets the use cases where one would like to quickly explore the key topics being discussed in the audio, and understand the contexts in which these topics occurred. The analytics results are supported with concrete examples of transcripts, so you can quickly read and playback the audio where the occurrences took place.

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A single picture of your audio data

We built a special interactive visual tool for quick and easy exploration of the audio content. With just a few clicks, you can get from high level topics to contextual information down to concrete examples of occurrences and transcripts.

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Analyze in real-time

Speech Analytics functionality is made available immediately after the transcribe request completes, same as storage and search functionality. This enables you to do near real-time exploration, monitoring and analysis of your audio content.

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Use cases

Example #1

Let us say you have a collection of phone calls and would like to know what were the key topics discussed last week. Perhaps you would also like to know what other contextual information was said when these topics occurred. And, you would like to see concrete examples of transcripts of such occurrences, so you can quickly review the transcript or listen to the call.

You can do all of this with just a few clicks with Soniox Speech Analytics.

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Example #2

To build on the previous example, let us say you would like to understand how the topics of your phone conversations evolved over time, i.e. what is the frequency of the key topics in your phone calls as a function of time. In addition, you would also like to see contextual information and transcript examples over time.

Soniox Speech Analytics enables you to do this with just a few clicks.

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