Unrivaled Accuracy. Unmatched Latency.

95 %
Speech-to-Text Accuracy
40 %
More Accurate Than Any Provider
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Unrivaled Accuracy

  • In every domain, job function, industry, channel, media, location and speaking occassion
  • Agnostic to any background noise, crosstalk, interruption, sample rate, audio quality or speaking style
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First True Live Captioning

  • Instant accurate recognition of spoken words
  • Best caption rendering experience
  • No sudden pauses and bursts

Any Channel & Media

  • Performs robustly across live streams, telephony and audio/video files
  • Highly accurate regardless of sample rates, bandwidths or audio quality

Fully Customizable

  • No need for expensive data labeling or model retraining
  • Nails recognition of your domain-specific terms
  • Create customization in minutes (not months)
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Scalability & Reliability

  • High availability with 99.99% uptime
  • No single point of failure
  • Any number of concurrent streams
  • Secure and completely private deployments
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Multi-Channel Pricing

For Multi-Streams and Multi-Channel Files

  • Pay for only one stream + voice activity on other streams
  • No charge for silent participants
  • Cut your costs by 2 to 10x
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