Medical Domain Model#

We offer a medical domain model for recognition of words that are common in the medical settings, such as diagnoses, medications, symptoms, treatments, diseases and anatomical parts.

Use the medical domain model for medical conversations between providers and patients and medical dictations.


In the example below, we set the model TranscriptionConfig field to en_precision_medical.

from soniox.transcribe_file import transcribe_file_short
from soniox.speech_service import SpeechClient

# Do not forget to set your API key in the SONIOX_API_KEY environment variable.
def main():
    with SpeechClient() as client:
        result = transcribe_file_short(
            "../test_data/test_audio.flac", client, model="en_precision_medical"
        for word in result.words:
            print(f"{word.text} {word.start_ms} {word.duration_ms}")

if __name__ == "__main__":




He 180 60
was 420 60
two 660 60