Audio Format#

Automatic Audio-Format Detection#

Soniox supports and automatically detects most common audio formats from file headers, so you don’t need to manually set audio configs when using the supported file formats.

Supported File Formats#

  • mp3, wav, flac, ogg, aac, aiff, amr, and asf.
  • When using supported file formats, the audio_format, sample_rate_hertz and num_audio_channels TranscriptionConfig fields should not be set.

Raw Audio Samples#

It is possible to send raw (PCM) audio samples instead of a container format. The supported formats are listed below. For example, pcm_f32le means float-32 little endian.

When using a raw format, the following TranscriptionConfig fields must be set.

Field Type Permitted Values
audio_format string pcm_f32le, pcm_f32be, pcm_s32le, pcm_s32be, pcm_s16le, pcm_s16be, mulaw, alaw
sample_rate_hertz int32 2000 to 96000 Hz
num_audio_channels int32 1 to 8


This example shows how to transcribe audio encoded in PCM 16-bit little endian at 16 kHz sample rate and using 1 channel.

for result in transcribe_stream(