Careers @ Soniox

Soniox is where the future of speech and language AI is unfolding. It is a place where brilliant minds are solving difficult technological problems.

If you are a creative thinker and excel at math, physics, algorithms, computer science, programming, or design, reach out to us and we will get back to you soon!

Soniox is building a world-class team for breakthrough technologies and products in:

  • Automatic speech recognition
  • Machine translation
  • Natural language understanding
  • Infrastructure for distributed, real-time and low-latency processing
  • Web and mobile applications
  • UI/UX design

Open Positions

  • Silicon Valley, United States
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Any location (remote)
Machine Learning Engineer / Researcher

Are you interested in competing with Google, Microsoft or AWS on speech and language AI, and actually beating them? We are looking for juniors and seniors! Being a good engineer is more important than having decades of experience.

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Senior Software Developer

Soniox runs in the cloud, on-prem, on-device and on the web. We are looking for experienced software developers to further expand our deployments, integrations and functionality.

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